Wireless, Telecom, and IT Infrastructure.

We help companies migrate to the latest technologies with minimal disruption, lowest cost, and higher operating efficiencies.

Managed IT Solutions

From 24/7 remote management of your IT equipment, Wireless devices and IoT solutions

Service Techs on Demand

A national network of technicians available on demand for your next IT project.

Telecom Expense Management

We help manage the carrier bills to ensure you pay the lowest possible cost.

Lifecycle Management

We can streamline the ordering, provisioning, and exit of IT products plus services in an automated process.

An award winning managed service provider.

Unity Communications is a proud member of the AT&T Global Network as a qualified Solution Provider, chosen for six years running (2014-2020).

We are experts in the cloud

Let us guide you in your cloud journey and look ahead.    With over 500 cloud projects successfully deployed in the last 3 years, we can help migrate your existing legacy services to lower cost, cloud based, and more flexible solutions.    Let’s schedule time today.



We can help lower costs and automate procurement regardless of carrier.

Network Connectivity

See our list of multiple providers that we work with.

Phone System

Cut through the noise of complex sales processes. See how we help design, implement, and make phone systems as easy as possible.

Cyber Security

Let’s complete a tech audit and see what the hackers can see.