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Data Center

At the heart of your IT infrastructure, your data center is where you house and maintain all your critical operations. Unity Communications can help future-proof the data center with dynamic, composable disaggregated infrastructure.

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Data Center | Unity Communications

Drive Predictive, Proactive Operations with a Resilient and Flexible Infrastructure.

An optimized, intelligent, and AI-driven IT infrastructure is the foundation of most companies that plan to stay competitive and cost-effectively scale operations.

Run resilient IT operations at a reduced total cost of ownership, maintain operations during disaster situations, and ensure data security with our portfolio of data center services. We offer the following:

Data Center Procurement and Evaluation
Managed Services
Hosting and Operations

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Managed IT Solutions

From 24/7 remote management of your IT equipment, Wireless devices, and IoT solutions.
Award Winning

Service Techs on Demand

A national network of technicians available on demand for your next IT project

Telecom Expense Management

We proactively manage carrier bills to ensure you pay the lowest possible cost.

Lifecycle Management

We can streamline the ordering, provisioning, and exit of IT products plus services in an automated process.

Unity Communications is a proud member of the AT&T Global Network as a qualified Solution Provider, chosen for six years running (2014-2020).