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Unity Communications CEO and Founder Patrick Brown Named to Forbes Next 1000

Leading the agency from the ground up, Brown is now projecting revenue of $2.8 million in 2021. 

Gilbert, Arizona – Oct 18, 2021 (prlog.org)– Tech Entrepreneur Patrick Brown has been named an honoree on the Forbes Next 1000 List for 2021. The list highlights inspiring entrepreneurial heroes who transformed the way business operates in the new normal, redefining the American dream.

Patrick Brown is the founder and CEO of Unity Communications, an award-winning business process outsourcing and technical sales company that provides third-party customer service, sales, technical support, and back-office processes. Brown’s career started as an electronics technician for the US Navy providing repair and maintenance of electronics and IT systems for the USS John S. Mccain DDG-56. 

He also worked for various telecom companies including Cox Communications, Mitel, and XO Communications. He used his experience and knowledge of technology to drive the company’s overall goals forward and went on to start his own tech company. Learning from the military, he spent hours building and training people. Individuals who had the right skill set but not the experience to manage and maintain technical projects, and as a result, built very cost-effective teams to manage projects for companies like ATT, Verizon, and other telecom brands.

As the business grew and his staff size grew, a new phenomenon occurred that became his biggest challenge. The interns and experienced staff he built started to get poached and he was in a never-ending cycle of hiring and training that started to affect the growth and profitability of the business. 

Searching for an answer, he was invited to the Philippines by his former Navy shipmates and was introduced to the tech workers in Manila that were willing to be recruited and trained.  The transition worked and he was able to keep staff in the US by moving the basic tasks offshore – keeping the quality of the US-based employees high and engaging,  while the offshore team thrived with efficiencies that started to lead to triple-digit growth while providing stability for the day to day tasks. 

His partners and business network started to notice and adopt the same business practices, and thus a new business line was created. Building teams for other companies became a joy and he leads both the technology sales divisions while building teams for new BPO clients.   

As an agency, Brown led Unity Communications from the ground up. The organization rose from being a startup to an international organization with clients all over the globe. Unity Communications expanded to places like the Philippines and Latin America and is now servicing 45 companies including Samsung, Amazon, AT&T, Perch, and Iyuno Media Group.

About Unity Communications

Ever since its inauguration, Unity Communications,  delivers outstanding solutions to help businesses streamline workflows and processes, care for customers, and explore more opportunities for growth while maintaining labor efficiency. As a leader in business process outsourcing, Unity Communications is dedicated to continuous innovation and positive change for its clients, leveraging its process and industry learnings and experiences from the countless engagements it supports.

About the Forbes Next 1000 List

The Forbes Next 1000 is a year-round initiative that highlights inspiring entrepreneurs and small business leaders who are changing the way businesses are run. This one-of-a-kind list commemorates sole proprietors, small business founders, and owners, as well as startups with less than $10 million in annual revenue across the country. The Forbes Next 1000 is powered by online nominations and spearheaded by experienced Forbes reporters and editors who vet the public submissions, taking into consideration revenue, scalability, and community impact. A group of A-list experts and top business leaders from various sectors assess and rank the semi-finalists which will then be tabulated by top editors who ratify all finalists’ applications.

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