Wireless WAN

LTE and 5G networks are faster and more robust than ever before. With the arrival of 5G lower pricing and multi-carrier options, Wireless WAN is the next wave of network transformation — enabling connectivity to people, places, and things anywhere – easily and effortlessly.

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Wireless WAN is the Future

Cellular wireless is the ideal infrastructure.   No delivery wait times, antiquated infrastructure, and bulky equipment.   Today’s LTE and 5G networks are lower in jitter, latency, and have high load capacities. The realities are promising and wireless is fast becoming the choice for field forces, remote kiosks, manufacturing, and countless other industries.   

As cloud applications, mobility, and IoT devices continue to grow – the Wireless WAN enables a flexible and unified approach to connecting our world in real-time.

Wireless WAN

Untether yourself and move beyond the wires.


WAN endpoints are growing dramatically



Wireless broadband can connect your business without the worry of standard infrastructure.    No worries of falling trees, cut fiber cables, or router configuration went wrong.

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From 24/7 remote management of your IT equipment, Wireless devices, and IoT solutions.
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A national network of technicians available on demand for your next IT project

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We proactively manage carrier bills to ensure you pay the lowest possible cost.

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We can streamline the ordering, provisioning, and exit of IT products plus services in an automated process.

Unity Communications is a proud member of the AT&T Global Network as a qualified Solution Provider, chosen for six years running (2014-2020).